Steps to Take During Litigation

Businesses today interact with many customers, clients and even other companies on a regular basis. While most interactions may be pleasant and even productive or profitable for the business, there are often instances when a dispute may arise. In some cases, you may feel as though your company’s rights have been violated in some way in the dispute. In other cases, you may be the target of litigation when another party feels as though it has been wronged. When you find yourself in the midst of dispute, there are several steps that you can take to protect your company’s best interests.

Negotiate With the Other Party

Taking a case to court can be stressful and expensive to both parties, and the fact is that many issues can be successfully resolved outside a courtroom to the satisfaction of all involved. It is important that you first understand what your legal rights are, and this is critical regardless of which side of the case you are on. You can consult with a law firm about your rights, and a lawyer at the law firm may assist you with negotiations. Often, this may be completed with demand letters and talks between attorneys for both sides.

Pursue Arbitration

iStock_000011813204XSmallArbitration is a more structured form of negotiations. It may take place in a conference room or office at one party’s law firm or in a third party location. It may be administered by the court in some instances, and both parties may also be present during the process. This is a formal event that may result in both sides airing their concerns and stating their case. In some cases, it gives you and your attorney a glimpse into how strong of a case you have or how strong the case is for the other party. You may be more inclined to settle or more inclined to take the matter to court because of an arbitration hearing.

Resolve the Matter in Court

When the matter is not able to be resolved through negotiations and arbitration with the help of your business law attorney, taking the matter to court may be the only option. When this occurs, the matter may be resolved by the judge’s ruling or by a jury’s decision, depending on the type of case. This may be the most expensive and time-consuming option, but there are instances when it is the best option available if you want to protect your rights and your company’s rights. If your business is the target of litigation, you may seek legal counsel to protect your interests. Generally, most parties will want the assistance of a law firm for professional representation throughout the proceedings.

Whether you have been notified by another party that they have a grievance against your firm or you are concerned that your rights have been violated, the best step to take is to reach out to a law firm with experience in business law cases. Through an initial consultation, you can learn more about your rights and options, and you can begin receiving representation for the matter at hand.