About James A. “Drew” Pendlebury

Drew Pendlebury was admitted to the Idaho Bar in 2000, and the Colorado Bar in 2001 after graduating from the University of Idaho College of Law.  He worked as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Bingham and Bonneville counties beginning in 2000 until 2006 where he prosecuted an assortment of high level cases.  During this time he served as a faculty member at the National Advocacy Center, a federal training facility for prosecuting attorneys nationwide.

Upon leaving prosecution in 2006, he began extensive civil work, including cases involving business litigation, personal injury, and family law while also engaging in criminal defense. Mr. Pendlebury is a member of the Idaho Trial Lawyer’s Association and is the Managing Partner of Pendlebury Law Office, PA.

What are the advantages of a small vs. large firm

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The advantages of a small firm are you know who you are working with on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes when you go into larger firms those firms work by passing a case around to different attorneys to work on various portions of the case. With us, you know who you are working with all the time, and we can give your case the “personal touch”.

What types of law does Pendlebury Law practice?

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We handle a wide variety of cases. We handle cases involving personal injury, auto accident, and those types of claims. We handle estates and wills. We handle family law cases. We handle criminal cases. I love adoption work and guardianships. Maybe a better question to ask is “What don’t we handle?” and my position has always been, if somebody comes to me and into my office, I want to meet with them, try to understand what their problem is and see if we can solve it. If we can, we’ll advise the best we can on how to resolve that issue. If we can’t, then we’re always willing to refer to a person that would be able to handle that issue in the most appropriate manner.