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Business Transactions do not always end up as expected. From a dispute with a customer to a disagreement or lawsuit with a competitor, a dispute regarding Business Transactions can remove your focus from running your business successfully.

If you are dealing with a business dispute or need legal assistance with Business Transactions, it is in your best interest to consult a business litigation lawyer.

Before entering into any litigation, lawyers try to find cost-effective solutions to disputes or disagreements through skilled negotiation, arbitration, or mediation. When business disputes cannot be resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods, then resolution can be accomplished through business litigation.

Whether it is a business entity or private individual that has a legal problem with another business entity, business litigation can be used to address or resolve the issue. The following are common circumstances that can be resolved through business litigation.

Man Explaining ContractFinances and Investments

If you suspect that your investment broker has not acted ethically you may bring business litigation against the broker. Any investor who suffers excessive financial loss due to unethical behavior by an investment broker can pursue business litigation. Unethical broker behavior usually involves failing to fully disclose investment information or recommending or pushing inappropriate investments on clients, which is deception.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Another instance that often results in business litigation is breach of fiduciary duty. This can a strain between shareholders in a corporation or business partners. If one member fails to meet his obligation, or violates his obligation to operate in good faith then other partners can resort to business litigation in order to recover their losses.

Business Contract being SignedInsurance Disputes

Insurance companies usually attempt to avoid paying a legitimate claim, by using deceptive or confusing language in the contract. If commercial insurance company denies your fair claim then you can recover the amount you are entitled to through business litigation. There are many other areas in which an individual or business may need to bring business litigation to address an issue or resolve a dispute against another party.

Intellectual Property

Dispute over intellectual property is a common occurrence. An individual can bring business litigation against a business when there is infringement on a copyright, patent or trademark.

Litigation comes with inherent risk and your future often hinges on a case’s outcome. A competent business litigation lawyer has a good understanding of Business Transactions and litigation proceedings, and can craft a combined litigation and business strategy designed to meet your best interests.

Each legal matter will be taken seriously and provided with the a high level of service and confidentiality.

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