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I've just been charged with a crime. What now?

Getting charged with a crime can be a disorienting process. Remember that having an attorney present on your behalf isnu2019t a privilege – Itu2019s your right. Often, being charged with a crime can be complicated. An Idaho Falls Criminal Attorney will play a critical role in assuring that you retain your rights throughout the process.


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Remember your right to remain silent. You don’t have to say anything to a police officer. And I would advise you call an attorney, discuss the case with them. Anything you say to an attorney is not disclosable, it’s confidential. Get some good advice.

I'm charged with a crime and pleading guilty. Do I need a lawyer?

Regardless of your plea, having an attorney present will help ensure you the best possible outcome. An Idaho Falls criminal attorney will help guide you through the process and provide you the insight you need to develop an appropriate strategy. You will find your attorney to be an invaluable asset.

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Obviously, that’s up to you whether you would or not get an attorney. But I would always recommend you have an attorney. There are several places along the way that an attorney could be useful. First, to investigate whether the police had actual probable cause to pull you over or make contact with you. Sometimes a case will get thrown out if they didn’t have the right background before they make the stop.

The other place that I think attorneys can really be useful is in a negotiation with the prosecutors and at sentencing. Sometimes we know which words to use or what’s going to affect a judge’s sentencing more than something else. And so I would definitely recommend you have an attorney.

How much does a criminal case cost?

Criminal cases can vary in cost, and a reliable Idaho Falls attorney can help make sure that you are getting the help you need. Choose an attorney you can trust to work hard and get you the best results possible.

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A lot depends on the nature of the investigation, how much time an attorney is going to have to spend on it, how many court proceedings, how much evidence there is to go through. All attorneys that I’m aware of do criminal cases on a per hour basis. And so obviously, the more time it takes to investigate a case, then the more the case is going to cost. Many times with infractions, you can be completed within an hour or two of attorney work. With misdemeanors, a little more time than that.

Felonies tend to be more time-intensive; therefore, more expensive. You’re usually looking about 1,500 or more on a felony charge. Misdemeanors, it kind of depends on the nature of the case.

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Bad things can happen to good people. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Being charged with a criminal offense can be very serious, and choosing the right attorney to defend you will be one of the most important decisions you ever make. It is important to consult an Idaho Falls Criminal Attorney when you are charged with a crime, as a criminal conviction may have a lasting impact and consequences on you, your employment prospects, your reputation and your family. As a former deputy prosecuting attorney, Drew Pendlebury has the expertise and knowledge drawn from 15 years of practicing criminal law in Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, and the surrounding area.  Pendlebury Law Office, PA will take the time to investigate the witnesses and details of the charge as well as develop strategies to get the best outcome possible.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

Felonies: A felony is the most serious type of offense. Felonies also usually have the most serious form of punishment and time served for a felony is usually a year or greater up to capital punishment and vary by degrees. Felonies include Drug offenses, Forgery, Theft, Property Crimes, and many violent crimes.

Misdemeanors: A misdemeanor is a crime that is punishable by up to about a year prison. While a smaller offense than a felony, misdemeanors are more serious than an infraction. These include most DUI charges, driving offenses, minor drug offenses, and some crimes against persons.

Infractions: Infractions are not considered a criminal activity, and do not result in jail or prison time. Punishment for Infractions is executed as fines. These include traffic infractions, such as speeding, and running a red light. Noise violations and parking violations also constitute infractions.

Juvenile Crimes: Juvenile crimes are crimes committed by minors, or those typically under age 18. These include truancy, underage drinking and unsafe behavior and curfew violations.  The Court process for juveniles is separate from adult offenders.

Each legal matter will be taken seriously and provided with the a high level of service and confidentiality.

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