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Have marital problems escalated to the point where you need to find an Idaho Falls Family Lawyer? At Pendlebury Law Office, we make your satisfaction our first priority. As an attorney, Drew Pendlebury understands that you want prompt, courteous attention and fairly priced service, but not at the expense of quality representation.  It is our best interest to make sure you feel completely comfortable and informed as we guide you through the whole process.

Is Divorce Right For Me?

Divorce is an ending of a marriage through the law. The two parties involved in the marriage are the ones to initiate the divorce but the final decision is made by the court’s judgement. The divorce needs to have a legal reason for the court to find it valid. Every state has different requirements with regards to the divorce process, but all will need a judge to review the divorce details or help the spouses decide how the settlement will be done. We will help you understand the different details that apply to family law in Idaho Falls.

Divorce is not the only option. There is a way to remain married but live apart from each other, this is called legal separation. The judgment in a divorce case ends the marriage but in a legal separation case the judgment does not end the marriage.  The legal separation judgment often outlines property and debt allocation, and may also outline spousal support provisions.

How Can Pendlebury Law Help?

There are many different issues that are decided in a divorce case or legal separation case. Resolving these issues can be complicated and tedious.  A good Idaho Falls divorce attorney can alleviate a lot of the stress and make this process less intimidating and help you understand the rules and procedures that relate to your area.  Some of the most important things that are decided in family law cases are property issues such as personal property or motor vehicles, issues relating to children such as child support or child custody, or spousal support issues such as entitlement to support, including duration and amount of support.

One aspect of the divorce that may help a divorce process run smoother is writing a Marital Separation Agreement, or Stipulation. This agreement is made prior to the conclusion of a marriage, and states how all of the issues will be taken care of at the end of the marriage. This agreement is only valid if both parties of the divorce agree to sign it. If you are being pressured to sign this document or any other document in the divorce process, make sure to consult your own divorce attorney prior to signing anything, as this document may substantially affect your rights and may drastically impact your life moving forward.

Each legal matter will be taken seriously and provided with the a high level of service and confidentiality.

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