Idaho Falls Slip and Fall Attorney

There are many ways people are injured every day. These injuries range from car accidents to medical malpractice, construction accidents to dog bites. Pendlebury Law is ready to help you through these injuries in the Idaho Falls area. Some of the less thought of injuries you could receive compensation for include dog bites, and slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall

A man who slipped on a wet floor beside a bright yellow caution sign holds his back in painThe National Floor Safety Institute reports that slip and fall injuries account for over 1 million hospital emergency room visits a year. Often slip and fall injuries, serious or non serious, are looked at being simply an accident. However, in most cases it is usually because of hazardous conditions on someoneu2019s property or business. Things such as a wet floor, inadequate lighting or a defect in the flooring are just some of the causes for these injuries.

Slip and fall accidents that we can help with occur at places like grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, public parks, sidewalks, private homes, work, and hotels.

Whatever the case, whatever the location, it’s a good idea to have a skilled Idaho Falls slip and fall lawyer on your side. Talking with an attorney prior to pursuing legal action can not only increase the chances of winning but also the amount you are compensated for. Based in Idaho falls, Pendlebury Law can help you get the compensation you deserve to get back on your feet.

Dog bites

IMG_5872Animal bites can be a damaging and traumatic experience, especially if the victim is a child. If you or your child have been injured by a dog bite or any other animal attack, their owner may be accountable to you for damages. Drew Pendlebury is an Idaho Falls dog bite attorney who can help.

When a pet owner fails to follow the laws of pet ownership, a dog bite or other animal attack can occur. Sometimes these injuries can be quite serious, resulting in physical damage and or psychological trauma. The State of Idaho protects against these kind of injuries with the “Vicious Dog” Statute, which states that any dog who, when not physically provoked, attacks or bites an individual who is not trespassing, shall be considered “vicious” and must be enclosed or chained.

Pendlebury Law, located in Idaho Falls, is ready to help you receive compensation when you get bit resulting in injuries including  scarring, infection, nerve damage, tissue damage, disfigurement, and psychological trauma.

Each legal matter will be taken seriously and provided with the a high level of service and confidentiality.

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