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Family Law FAQs:

Issues dealing with family law can be difficult emotionally. When it comes to matters such as custody, support payments, divorce and adoptions, you’ll want an experienced attorney to help get you the outcome you deserve. The experts at Pendlebury Law can provide the support you need in the courtroom.

Can I represent myself in a divorce?
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Divorce_Attorney_Orlando-170x111 Have marital problems escalated to the point where you need to find an Idaho Falls Family Lawyer? Pendlebury Law Office, PA makes your satisfaction their first priority. As an attorney, Drew Pendlebury understands that you want prompt, courteous attention and fairly priced service, but not at the expense of quality representation.  Each legal matter will be taken seriously and provided with the a high level of service.  Call us for a free 15 minute consultation, and we’ll help you work out your situation.
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Child Custody

Orlando_Divorce_Attorneys-170x111We understand that children come first. We have effectively resolved all types of child custody matters, either amicably or through litigation.  Every custody matter is different, and is an extremely important decision for your child’s future. Pendlebury Law Office, PA is dedicated to assisting you in this difficult process and helping you through these important events.
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Child Support

i-prac-childcustodyThere is often much uncertainty when it comes to child support. How much is a custodial parent entitled to? What factors influence child support amounts? How is child support distributed?  What are the options if one party doesn’t pay their child support? At Pendlebury Law Office, your Idaho Falls Family Lawyer can take the mystery out of child support, and can help you understand why and how it works to help protect your rights.
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Adoptions and Guardianships

family_practice When the central family unit fails to provide children with the stability and love they need, it may become necessary for others to step in to provide children with a loving, stable environment. We can help you decide which options are available for your situation, and can assist in putting together the best plan to ensure the children are protected and given the best opportunity to succeed.
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Each legal matter will be taken seriously and provided with the a high level of service and confidentiality.

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