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Family Law FAQs:

Issues dealing with family law can be difficult emotionally. When it comes to matters such as custody, support payments, divorce and adoptions, you’ll want an experienced attorney to help get you the outcome you deserve. The experts at Pendlebury Law can provide the support you need in the courtroom.

Can I represent myself in a divorce?

Consider carefully when choosing represent yourself in your divorce. In some cases it may work out in your favor, but remember that it is your right to an attorney. An experienced Idaho Falls attorney can be a valuable asset throughout the entire process.

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You can if it’s a very simple matter. There are forms available through the court assistance office. You can go get those. There’s workshops to do. The thing that I would recommend though, if there’s any kind of complicated issue and especially when there’s any children involved, I would recommend that you get an attorney to represent you because those are the things that matter the most when you have to go back and deal with them again and again and again later down the road. You want to make sure it’s set up correctly the first time. And I know lawyers are more expensive, but I know that they’re worth their time to get it right the first time.

How long does a divorce take?

A divorce has no set period of time. A divorce can be a brief process, or a complicated progression. Having an attorney will help to facilitate the proceedings and ensure that you are treated fairly.

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It really depends on how much the parties are going to fight. If there is a lot of agreement early on, it can be done as quickly as a week or two or 20 days. But if the issues are a lot more comprehensive and there’s not much agreement between the parties, then it can take sometimes up to six months, sometimes a little longer depending on court calendars and everybody’s schedules.

How much does divorce cost?

Your attorney will help you through the divorce process, and make sure that costs are fair and reasonable. Often, when children are involved, support and other material expenditures must be factored into the overall cost. An experienced Idaho Falls attorney can help make sure proper arraignments are prepared.

Video Transcription:

In any kind of civil action, there are fixed costs which are filing fees and process service fees. After that, there are a lot of possibilities that can happen. In a divorce case, for example, if there’s children, you could get into focused assessments, you could get into home studies. All those have a cost of their own. But the simple answer is, a divorce costs about $207 right now to file it with the courts. There’s a process service fee about $50 to $60, and then there’s attorney time. And the longer an attorney works on the case, the more that you are going to be billed, because it will be billed on an hourly basis.


Divorce_Attorney_Orlando-170x111 Have marital problems escalated to the point where you need to find an Idaho Falls Family Lawyer? Pendlebury Law Office, PA makes your satisfaction their first priority. As an attorney, Drew Pendlebury understands that you want prompt, courteous attention and fairly priced service, but not at the expense of quality representation.  Each legal matter will be taken seriously and provided with the a high level of service.  Call us for a free 15 minute consultation, and we’ll help you work out your situation.
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Child Custody

Orlando_Divorce_Attorneys-170x111We understand that children come first. We have effectively resolved all types of child custody matters, either amicably or through litigation.  Every custody matter is different, and is an extremely important decision for your child’s future. Pendlebury Law Office, PA is dedicated to assisting you in this difficult process and helping you through these important events.
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Child Support

i-prac-childcustodyThere is often much uncertainty when it comes to child support. How much is a custodial parent entitled to? What factors influence child support amounts? How is child support distributed?  What are the options if one party doesn’t pay their child support? At Pendlebury Law Office, your Idaho Falls Family Lawyer can take the mystery out of child support, and can help you understand why and how it works to help protect your rights.
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Adoptions and Guardianships

family_practice When the central family unit fails to provide children with the stability and love they need, it may become necessary for others to step in to provide children with a loving, stable environment. We can help you decide which options are available for your situation, and can assist in putting together the best plan to ensure the children are protected and given the best opportunity to succeed.
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