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At some point in your life you realize that you are responsible for protecting your family’s financial future. It is important to find a quality Idaho Falls estate attorney. Life insurance and gathering assets in accounts with banks, credit unions, mutual funds and investments are common steps to take. Scheduling a meeting with Pendlebury Law Office, PA  is also a step to take to secure your family’s financial future, as you can discuss your options should you become disabled or pass away.

Wills and Living Wills

Every person should have, at a minimum, a Will. A Will may be complemented by two Powers of Attorney -“ one for your finances and one for health care. Many Wills can also be informally probated, allowing a quicker and less expensive alternative to lengthy probate procedures. Idaho also has provisions for a €œliving will€, which, in conjunction with a health care power of attorney, can help you make decisions regarding your care should you become unable to communicate your desires in the future.

Power of Attorney

Financial Power of Attorney -€“ The Financial Power of Attorney is a legal document which can allow your close friend or family member(s) to formally aid you in your financial matters should you become older or otherwise need assistance in managing your affairs, including writing checks, signing tax returns, and otherwise managing assets. A Financial Power of Attorney is an effective alternative to placing others names onto your accounts or ownership interests, as adding names to accounts and ownership interests could become problematic should the other party file bankruptcy, become divorced, become a defendant in a suit, or otherwise have judgement entered against them. The feeling of comfort with having your estate in order is priceless. Our fees in this area are reasonable, allowing access to appropriate estate planning for anyone who wants to protect their loved ones.

Health Care Power of Attorney – A durable power of attorney for healthcare covers all health care decisions, and lasts only as long as you are incapable of making decisions for yourself. However, you can set out specific provisions in the Power of Attorney telling your agent how you would like them to act in regards to deathbed issues. In choosing a person to be your agent, you should choose someone you trust. It’s important that your agent acts on your behalf in accordance with your wishes. You’ll likely want to sit down with your agent and spell out, verbally, what you’d like done in certain circumstances. This way, your agent will hear it directly from you and not be surprised when he or she is asked to make decisions on your behalf.

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