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Child support can be a touchy subject with many uncertainties that come with it. For example, How much is a custodial parent entitled to? What factors influence child support amounts? How is child support distributed? Or what are the options if one party doesn’t pay their child support? At Pendlebury Law Office, as your Idaho Falls Family Lawyer, we can take the mystery out of child support, and can help you understand the why and how it works to help protect your rights.

What is Child Support?Portrait of lovely schoolgirl looking at camera while typing at lesson

 Child support is the legal obligation of a parent to financially provide for their child or children’s care and needs.  Child support is most commonly a result of parents getting a divorce or non-married parents breaking up.  Child support is generally paid by the non-custodial parent (the one without primary physical custody) to the custodial parent (the parent with the majority of physical custody), though there are limited exceptions to this.

How is Child Support Decided in Idaho Falls?

Child support is ordered through the court.  How much each parent will have to pay towards child support is primarily based on their income, how many children they will be supporting, offsetting health insurance premiums, and who will claim the children as dependents for tax purposes.   Other factors closely connected to child support include the cost of childcare for work and/or school, the price of health insurance for the child, payment of medical expenses, and other special expenses that might play a part in caring for the child such as special educational needs for gifted or handicapped children.

With any issue that you have regarding child support we are here to help. As an Idaho Falls family lawyer, we will make sure that your child support case will be handled in the best way possible.

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