Adoption The Right Way: Why You Would Want a Lawyer During the Adoption Process

When adopting a child, you have two options. You can go through a licensed adoption agency in your area or work with an adoption lawyer. Working with an adoption attorney is usually your best bet when dealing with a private or independent adoption. The biggest reason why you want a lawyer during the adoption process is because your lawyer will help
to make the process go smoother.

Adoption Agency vs. Independent Adoption

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With an independent adoption, you are responsible for finding and screening birth parents. Most people use websites and classified ads to find those looking for homes for their children. With an adoption agency, the agency will screen candidates and introduce you to parents with children who are a good fit for your home. These agencies often have a number of regulations about who to work with, and some agencies won’t let certain types of potential parents adopt children. A lawyer can help you with the adoption process regardless of your age, background, gender, or marital status.

Why You Want a Lawyer During Adoption Process

As every state in the country has different laws in place regarding adoptions, it’s important that you work with an attorney you trust. Your adoption lawyer will explain the process to you and ensure that you understand how adoption works. Some states require that you foster the child for a period of time before adopting, while other states ask that you go through a background and criminal check before adopting. Your attorney can also help you better understand the process of interstate adoptions, which occur when you live in one state and adopt a child from another.

Your attorney serves as your trusted friend during adoption proceedings. Pendlebury Law can help your Idaho adoption go as smoothly as possible. You’ll learn what you need to do to meet the requirements of an agency and how to talk with birth parents during a private adoption. If you need help navigating through the world of adoption and family law, you need the help of an attorney.