The Aftermath of a DUI

After an arrest for driving under the influence, there is no doubt that you will face serious consequences. The question is just how serious those consequences will be. In order to ensure that you understand how to proceed, itu2019s imperative that you seek the services of an Idaho Falls criminal attorney who can help you understand how the stateu2019s criminal law codes will impact your case.

First Time Offenders

Female driver drinking as she drivesIf this is your first arrest for a DUI, the types of punishment open to the court will focus on ensuring there isnu2019t a second offense in the future. To that end, you can expect to be assessed some sort of fine, with the amount in line with current criminal law. You will likely be required to attend a court-approved class that is focused on alcohol and drug education. Before your obligation to the court is fulfilled, you will need to pass that class and ensure the court receives proof of your attendance and successful completion.

Depending on the specific circumstances, you may be required to perform some type of community service. The type of service must be approved by the court and will involve a set number of hours in which you must participate in that activity. You may also find that your license is suspended for a period of time.

Repeat Offenders

Criminal law in Idaho imposes stricter measures for dealing with individuals who have repeated DUI arrests. Along with increased fines, you can expect for your driving privileges to be suspended for a longer period of time, possibly as long as six years. The possibility of spending anywhere from a year to five years in jail is very real. If you rack up a third DUI charge, that will count as a felony and carry even more severe consequences.

As your Idaho Falls criminal attorney will tell you, the damage is not related just to the fact that you will now have a criminal record. Those convictions will limit your options for employment and may even cost you your current job. Obtaining auto insurance will be more difficult and will certainly cost more. Those convictions can also reduce your ability to rent an apartment or secure some other form of housing.

If you are facing a DUI charge, do the smart thing and hire an attorney. Along with providing counsel that helps you know what to expect, the attorney can plead your case and hopefully convince the judge to go with the lightest sentence required by the current laws.