Misdemeanor Punishment

The state of Idaho hands out stiff punishments for many misdemeanor offenses, including possible jail time. Some misdemeanors have potential penalties of up to one year behind bars. Fines associated with this type of crime can also be imposed up to  $1,000.   If you have been accused of a misdemeanor, you can do yourself justice by discussing the charge with an Idaho Falls criminal attorney.

Businessman In JailMany offenses qualify as misdemeanor charges. These may include DUI charges, petty theft, and some weapons offenses.  A misdemeanor can quickly turn into a felony if the accused party uses deadly force or weapons in conjunction with committing the crime. Felonies warrant jail sentences that may last more than 20 years of a personu2019s life. Fighting a charge in court alone is never a good idea for the recipient of any criminal law citation.

Pendlebury Law is a reliable firm that has been practicing criminal law and defense for many years. The firm handles all criminal charges, no matter how big or small they may be. Expert attorneys can defend a client in the case of a drug charge, traffic charge, juvenile offense, DUI, robbery, assault, domestic violence, embezzlement, and more. Mr. Pendlebury has been practicing law for more than a fifteen years. Therefore, he knows the court system like the back of his hand. Accused parties can feel confident that Mr. Pendlebury and his associates will fight hard for their freedom.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime in Idaho, you can schedule a consultation with the best Idaho Falls criminal attorney. You can submit an online form and give the office some information about your case. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.