Different Types of Felonies

Felonies are the most serious criminal offense in the United States. According to criminal law, there are several types of felonies, so you’ll need to be aware of the degree of these offenses in order to receive the legal representation you need from Pendlebury Law Office.

hancuffed individual palmes openCrimes such as aggravated battery and/or assault, fraud, tax evasion, murder, kidnapping, grand theft, embezzlement, burglary, and arson are felonies. Treason, torture, and racketeering are also felony offenses. Felonies are also divided into violent and nonviolent offenses. If you are charged with a first-degree felony, this usually means that you are the one who is suspected of actually committing the crime. On the other hand, if you’re facing second-degree felony charges, you are suspected of either helping to commit the crime or helping the person who did the crime in some way, either directly or indirectly.

Criminal law also permits the charging of individuals with third degree felonies. In a third-degree felony, the person charged is suspected to have known about the crime before it happened or helped to plan the crime without actually committing it. In a fourth-degree felony charge, those who are charged are suspected of helping the criminal to cover up the crime after it took place.

Our Idaho Falls criminal attorney team can defend you in your case with knowledge and expertise. We understand the seriousness of felonies and strive to help you avoid extensive jail time if appropriate. Other punishments for committing felonies include losing the right to vote, losing the right to purchase or carry firearms, and losing the right to carry certain licenses. Your felony can also keep you from gaining employment in many cases. If you are a family member or loved one of someone who has been a victim of a felony, we will work tirelessly to defend your family and see that justice is served. We understand the emotional toll that crimes can take on families and we want to make sure your loved ones feel at ease throughout the legal process.

If you’re facing felony charges or need legal representation as a victim of a felony, our Idaho Falls criminal attorney team can help. Pendlebury Law Firm is prepared to explain the details of your case to you thoroughly and give you the confidence of knowing that your situation is in very capable hands. Our firm is committed to studying all aspects of your case and striving to reduce your prison sentence significantly if possible. Drew Pendlebury is a graduate of the University of Idaho College of Law and has extensive experience in prosecution law. As of 2006, Pendlebury began his civil law work, and is experienced in family law, personal injury, and business litigation. Attorney Pendlebury is a member of the Idaho Trial Lawyer’s Association.

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