The Impact of Juvenile Offenses

teen crimeParents may react in different ways when they learn that their child has been charged with a violation of criminal law. Some charges, such as misdemeanor for drugs or vandalism, may be seemingly minor, but even these charges can have a considerable impact on the child’s life if the child is convicted. The sentencing for a felony conviction can be even greater. Whether your child has been charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, it is important that you work with a skilled Idaho Falls criminal attorney to protect your child’s rights and his or her future.

When you initially work with an Idaho Falls criminal lawyer, your attorney will take time to learn more about the specifics of the case. A defense may be developed that ultimately could result in reduced charges or charges that are dropped altogether. For example, if your child’s Miranda rights were violated at the time of the arrest, the charges may be dismissed. If the case proceeds to court, the attorney will provide your child with personal representation to protect his or her interests and fight for the best results available under the law. Even if convicted, the attorney may then work for a lighter sentence that results in as minimal of an impact on the child’s life as possible. For example, community service may be requested in lieu of time in a juvenile detention center.

It is important to note that the impact of a violation of criminal law by a minor will extend beyond the sentence. Some charges may remain on the individual’s permanent record, and this may result in the individual having difficulty getting into college, finding a job later in life, and more. Some records can be sealed by the court, and this is a step that your Idaho Falls criminal attorney can work with you on. Because of the many ways that an attorney can help you and your child through this rough point in his or her life, it is important to seek legal advice and support as soon as you become aware of the charges that your child is facing.